About School


School of Science and Humanities was established in the year 1988. It comprises the basic knowledge in Physics , Chemistry Mathematics, English and Visual Communication.  Over the years, the School of Science and Humanities has seen its expansion not only in academics but also in research.  The School has around 150 dedicated faculty members.

DST-FIST Sponsored Department of Physics is one among the established departments since the inception of the institution.  The study of Physics discovers the problems of nature through the knowledge of properties of matter. In Physics laboratory, adequate equipment and instruments are available.  The Department is aiming to establish facilities for specialized areas of research with assistance of funding agencies.

  • DST-FIST Sponsored physics department (2015-2020) with the funding of 74 lakhs offered B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Phil., and Ph.D.  other than B.E./B.Tech. courses.
  • More than 40 Ph.D. Scholars are registered and continuing their research in various field of interest.
  • 104 research articles are published in Scopus and Web of Science indexed peer reviewed journals. Among those articles published the one from Polymer Chemistry has the highest impact factor 5.7.
  • 5 research grants were received for Rs. 51,69,387 from various government funding agencies such as DST, DRDO and UGC-DAE.
  • Staff members presented their research findings at Max Planck Institute of Solid State Research, Stuttgart, Germany and African Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Cape Town, South Africa.

The study of Chemistry is imperative in all manufacturing processes where the transformation of one form of material into another is indispensable. Equitably important is the application of Environmental Chemistry and Engineering, to protect the globe from pollution. Mathematics is the basis for all branches of Science, Engineering and Technology. Any complicated ideas can be logically expressed by equations and formulae. English language is pervasive and spoken throughout the world. It is the language for all walks of life. The Department of English is fully equipped with a good language laboratory and other infrastructure to impart the language skills effectively. In recent years the various programs like Itask, Science club, my Saturday University etc., have been initiated keeping in mind the academic and social welfare of the students. A famous proverb says that, a scientist is one who “seeks to understand what is’ and an engineer is one who ‘seeks to create what never was”.It has become obvious therefore, the seamless combination and assimilation of science and engineering will yield new interdisciplinary subjects. Research work could be introduced even at the under graduate levels to build a new generation of professionals and researchers.

The Department of Mathematics strives to be recognized for excellence among academic institutions in India. The Department of Mathematics was started in 1989 during the inception of the Institution. It has 37 highly qualified, dedicated and sincere faculty members, of which 23 faculty members are doctorate holders and the remaining are pursuing their Ph.D degree. The department wishes to focus on providing a comprehensive curriculum at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, relevant research and career opportunities in India.

The Department of Mathematics offers courses for first and second year undergraduate students for all branches of B.E/B.Tech degree and first year postgraduate students to create the awareness about the fundamental concepts and competency by providing the essential scientific knowledge and skills, so as to be able to become competent and successful in the chosen profession. The syllabi of both the undergraduate and postgraduate courses are designed to equip students to qualify exams such as GATE, UGC NET / SLET, etc. Department also offers B.Sc Mathematics, M.Sc and M.Phil. Mathematics and PhD programmes. They get opportunities to attend seminars and invited/guest lectures delivered by eminent mathematicians.

Faculty members have achieved many distinctions – they are established resource personnels in programmes promoting both basic and advanced Mathematics and are members of the editorial board of reputed journals. They are engaged in research activities throughout the year. They have 286 research publications in Scopus indexed journals and 89 research publications in Web of Science journals over the last six years. Some of the areas of interest are Graph Theory, Fluid mechanics, Operations Research and Mathematical Modelling.

The Department of Mathematics founded “MATHCLUB” exclusively for the students of our University. The activity of the club provides a unique platform for all branches of students to exhibit their innovative ideas and creativity. A few faculty members of the Mathematics Department are also involved in NSS activities like Blood Donation camp, Green environment activities which are being conducted for the students to create awareness of their social responsibilities to the society and training NCC cadets imparting leadership, discipline, integration and adventure. Focus is on instilling discipline in the souls of the cadets, besides fostering healthy competition for the ranks, while keeping the greater interest of the nation in mind to create prospective officers for the Armed Forces.

The Department of English actively involves in various research works in the area of English Language and Literature. Apart from academics, the Department imparts personality development, soft skills and placement training to students at the tertiary level. The Department has organised conferences at national and international levels besides conducting workshops and symposiums every year. The Department offers B.A., M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. programs in ELT and English Literature. It has a Language Lab, with updated Software to enhance communication skill of the learners.