1. Dr. Valli Nachiyar Construction, characterization of microbial consortia capable of degrading azo dye containing effluent DBT 14.92
2. Dr. Bavanilatha Studies on Expression on Oct4, Sox2, FoxD3 and Nanog in UV irradiated Zebra fish embryos DBT  12.48
3. Dr. Karthick Raja Namasivayam Pesticidal activity of cyclodepsipeptide from Nomuraea rileyi (F.) Samson against  groundnut defoliator Spodoptera litura DST  17.84
4. Dr. Jayshree Nellore Studies on expression of Nurr1, Forxa1, Engrailed and Lmxla b genes in MPTP induced Parkinsons disease model in zebrafish embryos DBT  22.85
5. Dr. Jayshree Nellore Reversal of Multi Drug Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from various clinical sources by pyochelin -conjugated liposome oleic acids co-encapsulated with combination antibiotics. Ref No. No: 5/3/3/18/2010/ECD-I ICMR  50.00
6. Dr.M.Masilamaniselvam Novel Cytotoxic Metabolites from Marine Actinobacteria DST 6.96
7. Dr.Seeni (India)
Dr.T. Sasipraba (India)
Ms. Sivanaswari Chalaparmal (Malaysia)
Assessment of genetic variation in Manilkara zapota (Sapota) using RAPID and ISSR markers for developing crop improvement strategie NAM S&T 2.70
8. Dr.Jaynthy.C Ligfam Database Project Georgetown University 2.00
9. Prof. Soundarajan Krishnan Heat Transfer Studies in Porous Media ISRO 3.64
10. Dr. D. Joshua Amarnath Solar Energy for Steam Cooking

and Heating Purpose

TEDA & MNRE 113.00
11. Dr. D. Joshua Amarnath Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer Studies  in Pulsed Column with Disc and Doughnut Internals IGCAR 8.68
12. Dr. Anima Nanda In vitro study on the Bio-toxicity of Nano-Silver as anti-bacterial material DBT 51. 58
13. Dr. T.M Sridhar Development of Zirconia coating on Alumina on high density graphite crucibles by electrophoretic deposition for application in pyrochemical reprocessing.  IGCAR 4.72
14. Dr. Anima Nanda Nanomaterials in health science Department of Science and Technology (DST) (FIST), New Delhi  80