BIONOVE Inauguration

The Department of Biotechnology, School of Bio and Chemical Engineering Inaugurated – Biotechnology Students club and the newsletter – “BIONOVE” was released on 24th July 2018 at 10.00 am in the presence of Dr. S. Mahalingam, Professor, Dept. of Biotechnology, Bhupat and Jyoti Mehta School of Biosciences, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Dr. T. S. Sampath Kumar, Head, Metallurgy and Materials Laboratory, Indian Institute of Technology Madras and Dr. Wilson Aruni, Dean (Academic affairs), Loma Linda University, USA. The quarterly newsletter encompasses information about the departmental activities, interviews, puzzles and lots of information.

Bionove  /bʌɪˈɒnəve/(noun.)

A term used to describe the action of students coming together to make a difference.

‘Bionove’ is an amalgamation of ‘bio’ and ‘nove’ as you can see, comes from the tagline, ‘Novelty and Innovation’.  It is a student initiative; primarily, a platform for students to innovate, create and explore their potential in technical fields and non-technical ones as well.  Through Bionove, we aim to set up an atmosphere to discuss our ideas and build an interactive student network.

Bionove hopes to go by the definition and make a difference.

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