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Adore India is a network of young dynamic visionaries actively inspiring youth and setting them on a path of positive growth thereby transforming the society. These activities transcend the boundaries of classroom learning to foster creativity, discipline and confidence in students. They walk away with a sense of satisfaction and the experience moulds them into a better soul some of the discussion topics and activities are better career and importance of education, Soft skills and talents necessary for a better life, Utilizing time and resources constructively, Being responsible students and citizens, Moral and Scientific Values Developing a positive attitude Responsibility of youth in improving society and country, Environment friendly habits etc.

Thus far as volunteers our main aim is too visit orphanages and schools to instill these values in the kids. Each orphanage visit consists of a few hours, during that time we are allowed to interact with a group of kids. Each interaction consists of a wide range of activities, from conducting magic shows, doing artwork to teaching them valuable life lessons. Every visit is a unique experience, the children are very friendly, very energetic, they love to involve in any task give. All the visits start with a general introduction, the kids are very much eager to meet us, and always greet with a big smile. The next part of the work is wherein the actual interactions begin as we spend every second with the kids playing, laughing and talking.

One such activity is the webinar sessions. The volunteers from SIST had made their EVOLV session. Volunteer Subhashree has started the session about her experience and impact with orphanages. Volunteer Sasi took over the session and he talked to the kids about life and how they should always prioritize their interests first when it comes to deciding about the future. Then Tehareen made the atmosphere lighter and asked them a few questions so does Arfa. Tasmita talked about time management as well as the Chandhini who elaborated with her life experience followed by Kapil talked to the kids. The session ended with the Subhasree’s origami where she taught them to make camera with the message “capture smiles in heart”.

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